3 thoughts on “Patch Musings

  1. As a new RC pilot I had hoped that I would go a bit longer before my bad piloting resulted in damage to my Horizon Aeroscout foam plane. After My first incident Jason graciously helped me repair the foam damage. The incident on this Monday caused damage to the plywood inside structure.

    It would be great if someone with experience in repairing this material could help me assess the damage and show me how to get my plane back in the air.

    Thanks, Richard 207.251.9995

    1. Richard, do you have any photos of the area and/or descriptive info?
      I usually use ordinary CA to repair plywood; thin if the material can be pushed into alignment and apply thin to wick into the cracks and medium if there are gaps…) I also use 15-min or even 5-min epoxy if the repair is close enough to the foam that regular CA would dissolve the foam. Sometimes, a patch can help, but so much depends on the repair area; e.g., is it the battery tray or the RX tray or ???

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