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Important FAA / AMA Rule: Altitude Restricted to 400′ AGL

Thanks to Ernie Eaton and Larry Ventura, our club now has an agreement with the airport manager at Sanford Municipal.  With just a little follow-on work, the agreement has been sent to the AMA headquarters.

Ernie and I independently measured the distance from the end of Runway 25 (compass heading: 250o, give or take a few degrees) to the large pond end of our runway.  For all practical purposes the distance is somewhere between 1.2 and 1.4 miles; not the “few” miles folks had thought was the case.

What does this mean for our flight operations?

In the simplest of terms, it means a hard-and-fast rule, no exceptions; no model can exceed 400′ above ground level.

As in the past, it is always better not to fly alone; not just for personal safety, but also to have at least one pair of eyes scanning for full-size traffic.  Although Albert’s house is directly in line with the approach to Runway 25, do not assume that remaining close to the small pond or our runway is sufficient clearance as planes can be on either side of the runway centerline and helicopter operations can be at ground level – pretty much anywhere.

Please reach out and remind any of our fellow pilots who might, inadvertently, punch through the mandatory 400′ restriction.

Thank you and let’s all protect our flying privileges.