Featured Member: Eldon Woodman


Woody is the club’s 2015 – 2016 Club Safety Officer.

It is extremely rare to see Woody without his dog, Riley who, according to Woody,RileyCrop is “Half-Mexican and half-French, but with an Irish name”.  As such, many of the members consider Riley the club’s “Official Greeter”. He may need his own page.

Woody has been flying for six years now, and still considers himself a beginner; hard to imagine when you see the wide variety of models he flies, and flies well.  There is the occasional re-kit event, but then that is an opportunity to rebuild; and all forms of
building is something Woody loves more than he does flying, but both are great hobbies.
It is fair to say that Woody is one of those members who is critical to the club’s success.  He always is helping new members, even helps them build.
Of course, if you get to the field early enough, you are bound to see Woody acting in his other capacity: “Chief Mower”. Woody has been mowing the fields for eight years; he did it before joining the club so he could meet the pilots.
Woody retired from teaching Math and Science in the Sanford school system.  He also served as wrestling coach.  If you want to hear Woody really laugh, ask him about the time he was asked to wrestle a trained bear.  The bear weighed around 600 lbs and had a leather muzzle as well as leather covers over his claws.  I won’t spoil the story, but I can never hear it without doubling over in laughter with Woody laughing equally as hard.