Estate Auction Items

Highlights of Estate Auction Items

The following items are but a sample of what is available at the Auction to be held on Sunday, October 6th, after the 11AM club meeting (election of club officers.)

After all estate auction items have been handled, then the auction will be open to member items. As agreed at the August meeting, transactions are on a cash basis, 10% of the sale price goes to the club with a $400 cap (so, a maximum of $40 to the club, per member.)

Included in the estate items, too numerous to list, are model supplies, numerous motors, some still in boxes, ESCs, props (all electric, some small and some suitable for giant scale).

Numerous small tools are also available. Garry has stated on more than one occasion, that someone just getting started in the hobby could outfit their shop with used, but good condition, tools and supplies. The building season is just a couple of months away.


eFlite Beaver with floats. In excellent condition
(approximately 68″ wingspan.)



Hangar 9 Giant Scale Big Stick converted to electric power with a 110 motor on an extended nose. Runs on two 4S5000 LiPos in series (included.) Very good condition, but CG should be checked as the electric motor and LiPos might need to be extended farther forward as it originally was intended for a gas engine. Servos, Phoenix ICE 100 ESC, installed and working; needs Rx. (approximately 81″ wingspan, 13 lbs.)

Carbon Cub SS foam



Sports Cub foam PNP (approximately 51″ wingspan.)



Four micro flyers, in original boxes.




  • Bantam BC-6, dual port, Echo
  • Accucycle Elite, dual port
  • Hitec, four port


  • Weller soldering station, 40 Watts, adjustable temperature
  • Weller soldering gun, 40 / 100 Watts
  • Dremel 580 4 table saw
  • Dremel Kit with attachments (drill press, router, jig-saw)
  • Two trim irons
  • Heat gun
  • Hot glue gun
  • Portable vise with vacuum base
  • Balsa building board: 14 x 48 x 1


  • Assorted small electric motors (e.g., 370, 400, 450), some in boxes
  • Assorted servos: e.g., JR MN-48 and HiTec HS-55, some in boxes
  • Assorted Spektrum and JR receivers