Club Galleries

We have some talented photographers among our members and they are willing to share their photos:

  • Rich Hennesey attended Florida Jets 2020 on Friday March 13 at the Paradise RC field in Lakeland, Florida. Check out Rich’s album by clicking here.
  • Phil Thain and his partner-in-crime, Joan, enjoy snapping photos with a rather nice Nikon / Zoom lens combo; club members appear divided on whether Phil or Joan takes the better photos (Phil: “Hmmm, should I fly my models, help the Patriot Riders, etc.; too many choices”.) Check out Phil’s album by clicking here.
  • Tony Espino is no slouch behind the lens even though he prefers to take candid shots with his smartphone (Tony: “My smartphone is smarter than I am”.)  Check out Tony’s album by clicking here.
  • Ernie and Scott Eaton traveled to our August 9, 2015 club picnic by Robinson R44 helicopter.  The primary purpose was to give our field host, Al Lavigne, a ride around the area.  In the process Scott and Ernie took some photos.  Click here.
  • Steve Prentice finished his beautiful Sopwith Camel and Phil Thain took some photos that can be seen, here, when Wayne conducted the maiden flight.