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AFTER: Folks, read/look and weep.
Steve picked up the Royal Partenavia P68 kit shown in the photo, below; part of the estate donation to the club.


BEFORE: This is the kit that Steve claimed and turned into the beautiful model, above.

Twin electric power and ready for the start of flying season. Nice job, Steve.

Our club Field Marshal, Steve, captured this mature bald eagle and has dubbed it our “Guardian”.

The other week, there were three or four, one an immature bird, flying around and about our models.

Ernie Eaton captured this panorama view of the club members attending the first meeting of the 2017 flying season.

This photo, inspired by Tony Espino, is entitled “Chainsaw Massacre”.

Larry had an unfortunate re-kit incident and had just returned to the pit area to consider how bad the situation was.

Tony had a chainsaw in his vehicle (we never ask) and offered to help Larry disassemble his plane; Larry declined Tony’s offer of assistance.
The smiles say it all; we do enjoy our hobby, even when unfortunate events happen.

Our former club safety officer, Terry Lane, likes to add a little spice while flying; especially with his Ugly Stick.

A period helmet to match the markings. 🙂

Unclear if it affected Terry’s flying, but all enjoyed the sthick.

Terry on the flight-line concentrating on his Ugly Stick.

Unsure if he was in full combat mode, or simply fun-flying.

The other pilots on the flight-line appear blissfully unaware.

Our Club Safety Officer, Woody, appears to be in violation of club Guidelines to remain behind one of the Pilot Stations fabricated and installed by our Club Field Marshal, Steve.

When confronted by this seemingly inappropriate behavior,  (captured through the watchful eye of the Club President, Phil), Woody explained that he had been standing behind a pilot station, but two club members played a prank on him by moving the pilot station while he was flying.

It is left to the members to decide, for themselves, the true story.

In the meantime, no question that club members are having fun; and late in the season as this shot was taken on 7 November 2016.

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